Why buy from us?

1. We offer an excellent personalised service!

We work with you from start to finish to make your project a success, as well as a satisfying experience. This includes design advice to help you math your decor in the selection of your granite or quartz.

2. We offer the highest quality products!

We only work with renowned products and companies. Every one of them has proven its value again and again.

3. We offer an immense variety of quartz and granite colors

A vast selection of quartz and granite colors are displayed at our sales office. We are also partnered with different distributors which enables you to go and choose your own slab if you wish to do so.

4. We pay close attention to detail in both our manufacturing and installation processes!

We have a team of dedicated, detail oriented perfectionists that take pride in every job they do and put the customers experience their first priority every time.

5. We have competitive prices!

Granit Concept (Greater Montreal area and South-Shore) has less expenses that most other companies in this industry , this translates in savings for you! Our home based sales office cuts down on costs so you can get the best prices. You don’t pay an hourly rate for work done at your house. You will also only pay for the materials used for your countertop. At Granit Concept we take great care to avoid seams and you don’t pay extra for the possible losses in material from doing so.