comptoir de granit bianco antico avec surface de cuisson encastrer

Granite is a 100% natural stone. It is extracted directly from the earth, mountains and quarries around the world in ten cubic feet blocks. The granite is then cut with diamond saws sliced ​​¾ inch or 1 ¼ inch thick, and then polished with a diamond grinding wheel.


Granite is most commonly used in the manufacture of countertops worldwide. Few things can compare to the elegant appearance, unique natural beauty and durability of a granite countertop. Created by nature and refined by our artisans with the use of technology, a granite countertop for the kitchen or bathroom is an investment you’ll never regret!


comptoir granit nordic blackIrradiating deep colors and the movement more or less accentuated, which are only available in natural stones because no slab is identical, this gives granite a unique look to each counter. Granite countertops create a sophisticated and refined atmosphere.


Granite is highly resistant to breaks, scratches and heat. You can work directly on the surface without protecting it. Granites are available with different finishes: polished, matte or textured.


Since granite is a natural stone, the color may vary from the sample, especially granite with movement and veining, we invite customers to visit our suppliers to view and select the slab of granite that matches their decor and wins their hearts!

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